Sandra Bolzonella Decor Interior DesignDecor Interior Design is a design, art and interiors designer studio that was born from the talent and creativity of Sandra Bolzonella, an Italian designer whose life motive is hold in the words “art and beauty” and represents the emotional consequence, and at the same time the rational one, of the essence of whoever is drawing and creating. Here the start and the creation of the line “di-ferro design”.
Sandra’s philosophy emerges from a deep reflection: destroy, break, shatter, reformulate to achieve the creation, meant as the detachment from the old to project oneself to the new: for this reason Sandra’s philosophy has become also the philosophy of the “di-ferro design”.
As a matter of fact, beauty is interpreted as imperfection, diversity that distances itself from the industrial standard, in order to recover the taste of the single piece, of the material at its origins.

Every piece of the di-ferro design, is exclusively handmade by experts and holds a careful study of the materials, technical solutions and forms, to guarantee a unique product of its kind.
These forged and varnished rough iron pieces are addressed to those who see in the art and in the design the inherent strength that the product itself releases in any surrounding where it is located.
Iron was known to have the capability to drive away bad spirits, it could destroy spells made by elves, fairies and witches, the iron cross has become the symbol for Christianism, the iron mirror is symbol of purity and one of the distinctive elements of the sacred power of the Emperor. The iron scale is a symbol of justice representing guilt and punishment. Iron rings are power, strength, divine, independency and security amulets.
For di-ferro design iron is the strength that finds its creativity in its best essence; choose what you like the most and you will have the pleasure to share our philosophy and our personality. With love…